Most of us like travelling, but what about a holiday with a difference? There are some really fascinating places on this planet of ours, and in this article we will describe some of the world’s most unusual travel destinations. In order to get the best prices on flights specials and accommodation, make sure you do your research online before your book your holiday.


Always wondered where Dracula originates from? Well, Transylvania in Romania is the home of this well-known legend. Dracula aka Vlad the Impaler has become increasingly popular with the movie Twilight and the Vampire Diaries, to name but a few vampire-themed hits. Transylvania has therefore become a must-visit destination for travellers and vampire hunters alike. Transylvania is a breath-taking region in central Romania and things to see there are, of course, Dracula’s tomb and the Bran Castle, among many other beautiful sites. The city of Cluj is also certainly worth a visit, with its centuries of old religious and multi-cultural history. Things on your to-do list should include the Romanian Opera, the Avram Square with the Orthodox Cathedral and the National Theatre.



If you are you an alien researcher, chaser or hunter, or a conspiracy theorist, then Roswell in the American state of New Mexico will be an amazing travel destination for you. An alien spacecraft is said to have crashed there in the fifties, and it has been alleged that the alien bodies were taken back to a secret military base in the area for research purposes. The American government has been accused of covering up the incident and there has been much controversy and speculation around this town and the topic of aliens ever since. Roswell is teaming with alien themed stores, museums, bars and hotels and it is most definitely worth a visit! A good time to go is in July, when Roswell hosts alien festivals.


Chernobyl, located in the Ukraine, is well-known for one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. In the year 1986, high levels of nuclear radiation were leaked, caused by a failing cooling system. Following this disaster, 50.000 people were evacuated from the area. Although precautions need to be taken when visiting the area due to possible levels of radiation still present, there are interesting tours that you can take to see and hear about the history of the Chernobyl power plant and the ghost town of Pripyat. Chernobyl has recently become a more popular tourist destination due to the movie of the same name.

Komodo Islands

Off the coast of Indonesia is where you will find the Komodo Islands, home of the Komodo National Park and its famous Komodo Dragons. These 2-3 metre big, 50 kg heavy ancient reptiles are fascinating but extremely dangerous as they have ferocious appetites and can run and swim faster than humans. Should you get bitten by one of these prehistoric creatures, you would have to be rushed to hospital immediately as their bites are poisonous and can cause incredible damage. Stay with the guides, respect these incredible animals and you will have an incredible, life changing experience.


Yes, this is the place where Santa Claus is said to have hailed from. Lapland is a magical place to visit, especially with children, and you can be sure to experience a trip that you won’t easily forget. This country gets extremely cold with temperatures dropping to a chilling minus thirty degrees. For this reason, visitors are provided with snowsuits to use for the duration of their stay, with which they can comfortably embark on exciting activities such as observing the famous Northern Lights, husky snow rides and skiing trips. If you decide to visit Lapland, be sure to book into one of the incredible ice hotels for a truly unforgettable experience!


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