Paris has been a popular tourist destination since the eleventh century. Over thirty million people visit the city every year so it is one of the most visited urban areas on the planet. Since it was built over a hundred years ago the Eiffel Tower alone has had 200 million visitors. Disneyland Paris has also brought many new visitors to the area with almost 15 million people visiting this attraction each year.

Many People Comes To The Capital Of France

So what is it that brings so many people to the capital of France? Perhaps it is the many museums that have people so impressed as there is certainly enough of them; with the Louvre being the most popular of them all. Paris is the home of the Mona Lisa and other great works of art such as the Venus de Milo. It seems like every corner you turn in Paris there is a beautiful piece of art to make your day. If you want to see all the art in the city then you better make sure to clear your calendar for at least a year.

Many People Comes To The Capital Of France

Paris is seen as the most romantic location in the world. In fact, it is impossible to not feel a bit of romance as you wander around the city. Evening times are best, and it will always help if you have someone you love at the end of your arm. Paris dining is the most sophisticated in the world and if you want to impress a date then whisk her or him off to the city for your date. If you want to propose marriage to your loved one then there is probably no place elsewhere they would be more likely to say yes.

One thing you notice as you wander around the city is that Parisians understand all about style. It is more than just their great sense of dress, but also the way they hold themselves. The French admire individuality and there is nowhere you will see this more than on the streets of their capital city. Some of the most admired designer labels come from this city and it is no surprise when you see how fashionable the local population is dressed.

Paris Always Will Be The Great Destination

Historically Paris has always attracted artists of all stripes. Many writers and thinkers from around the world have gravitated towards the city and when you spend a few days there even you might begin to get artistic yearnings. If ever there was a city devoted to dreamers then this would certainly fit the bill. A visit to Paris affects people and for most a part of their heart will always remain in the city.

If you haven’t yet been to Paris then you really should put this next on your places worth visiting. It just has so much to offer and there is no excuse for ever having a boring day in the city. For centuries visitors have poured into the French capital and it is likely they will continue to do so for years to come.


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