There is more to the Caribbean islands than just beaches. You will feel like staying on the beach and relax but then you will miss out on some really miss out some fun, adventurous things that you can do here in the beautiful yet mostly unexplored Caribbean islands.

Things About Traveling Around Caribbean

  1. Hiking through Tropical Forest
    Hike through a muddy, difficult and also less traveled trail to reach the top of the highest point of the El Yunque National rainforest. You will get to enjoy some stunning views from there. All the effort to climb up there will be worth it.
  2. Swim with Stingrays
    Ever thought of petting a string ray and also feeding them? Here in the Cayman Islands near the Grand Cayman coast is home for some dozens of stingrays which are totally harmless. You can actually swim with them.
  3. Night Diving on Full Moon
    During late September/ early October on Curacao’s coral reef, all the marine life releases their spawned eggs which also attract the tropical fishes. This time it is also time for the full moon and you will definitely remember the wonderful experience when you dive at the night here.
  4. Walk in the Oldest City of America
    Dominican Republican is the oldest city in America. At Zona Colonial, you will get past some oldest universities and cathedrals. This city now has become a prominent tourist hub with its gorgeous beaches in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana.
  5. Landing on World’s Terrifying Airplane Runway
    At Juancho E. Yrausquin, you can land on the world’s most terrifying and shortest runway which is only 400 meters long and basically on a giant boulder. You will love to enjoy the tiny plane ride but will also feel terrified to land on the runway safely.
  6. Swim in Bioluminescent Bay
    Mosquito Bay is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world on the southern coast of Vieques. As tiny dinoflagellates inhabit the water here, like dragonflies they light up when other organisms touch them leaving the mesmerizing trail of neon blue light. Swimming here at night time will leave you awestruck.
  7. Hiking Through the Seaside Desert
    At Aruba hiking through Arikok NP will take you to the rocky desert hilltops where you will come across sands and cacti giving way to turquoise waters at the shoreline. Riding a horse can take you to the hidden swimming place.
  8. Haiti the Best Caribbean Country for Surfing
    Haiti is actually the best place to surf among all the places to surf for in the Caribbean. Don’t miss the chance to surf in the beautiful water in Haiti.
  9. Driving through a Volcano
    Sulphur Springs Park is actually a volcanic crater that is filled with steam rising inside the earth and bubbling water. Cars can rightly drive through this place. This place also has some natural hot springs.
  10. Snorkel through a Glass of Champagne
    Dominica has a famous Champagne reef were forced up bubbles floats because of a nearby volcano. It gives you a feeling that you are floating in a glass of Champagne.

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