Rail journeys are something that fascinates us always. From our childhood, we like to take the window seat in order to discover the surreal beauty outside. Whether it is the green pastures or the wonderful locations, traveling through a train has got its own charm.

A Rail Journey Through South America

It is one of the best journeys that we cherish throughout our lives. Globe trotters spend the maximum time of their holidays moving from one place of country to the other and Rail journeys are one of the ways that are adopted by them. If you are visiting South America, then a rail journey is enough to take a tour of the beautiful country. You can select from any of the four journeys below:

Copper Canyon Railway

Experience the greatest rail journeys of the world while discovering Mexico. Also known as El Chepe the train runs between Los Mochis and Chihuahua through the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway. The journey stretches through 650kms running through 40 bridges and 86 tunnels. The breathtaking views of the Grand Canyons are worth capturing. The 15 hours long journey is not boring at all as it halts at various stops where passengers can enjoy some refreshments. One can also book a seat at the Primero Express train where modern and comfortable seats make the journey luxurious.

Copper Canyon Railway
The Railway Of Copper Canyon

Vistadome to Machu Picchu

The best way to experience village life is to board a train from Poroy Station. The journey takes you through Pomotales and the Sacred Valley. The beautiful Inca Terraces and the snow-covered mountains are just spectacular to watch through the window panes. The most exciting moment of the journey starts at that point in time when it moves through dense forests and the river sideways thus providing the traveler a lifetime experience. Before reaching the final destination of Machu Picchu, the train passes through a small town known as Aguas Calientes. You do not need to worry about the journey as complimentary meals are served along with some light snacks.

Vistadome to Machu Picchu

The Devil’s Nose

Unlike any other train journey, this journey is a bit different. This is due to the unfamiliar name. Since, the train zig zags through the mountains and valleys in a different way, therefore, it has earned the name Devil Nose. The interesting part of the journey is the 45 minutes stop at Sibambe where the passengers are allowed to take a tour of the nearby museum that provides a deep insight into the history of the train. One can also have some coffee at the nearby coffee shops. Thus, your Holidays in South America can really be exciting through this enthralling train journey.

Train to the clouds

As the name suggests, going through this journey will make you feel as if you are touching the clouds. The line climbs to a height of about 3000 meters above the ground passing through 29 bridges and two spirals. The train starts its journey from Salta and ends its journey at the same destination. It stops at San Antonio where passengers can stopover and purchase some items of their desired choice from the nearby shops.


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