Japan is an interesting location to tour by all means. Once you are here, you are sure to fall in love with this incredible tourism destination. When you find a cheap Japan tour package, you have a bundle of reasons to jump in ecstasy at the thought of going to visit a fantastic place on the earth and delight seeing the myriad attractions of the country. If you are visiting Japan for the first time, here are a few tips that will come in handy to tackle some unusual situations in the country.

Be Prepared To Make Cash Transactions

Japan people love cash transactions. In this country, even those businesses that would require a credit card elsewhere like McDonald’s are seen to prefer cash transactions. It is very rare to find a store that accepts credit card transactions. In fact, most stores are not equipped to accept a card. So, be prepared to use the ATM machines on the go. It is also a wise decision to make use of cards that do not charge for foreign transactions like Capital One. Since all the denominations from 1 yen to 500 yen are in coins, carry a coin purse with you. you will find coin purses are the most popular souvenirs at most tourist shops.

Be Prepared To Make Cash Transactions

Shop At Convenient Stores

You get everything at a cheap rate at convenient stores. A highly sumptuous full meal will cost you not more than. Some of the top highlights of a convenient store in Japan are the softly playing ambient music, easy-to-use ATMs, most friendly staff, and the foods heated up for you to relish on the spot. If you can have such a convenient store back in your country, you will never cook your food at home thereafter. With proper planning, you will get to save enough money on your food.

Learn This Popular Phrase

The most popular phrase a foreigner would use in Japan is “Eigo o hanashimasu ka?” meaning “Do you speak English?” The fact is many Japanese people speak English well. Despite this fact, they are very modest. Even the most prolific English speaking Japanese would be modest enough to say they speak English just a little. At train stations, airports and major tourist attractions it is very common to find people speaking very good English.

Carry A Plastic Bag And Hand Sanitizer With You All The Time

In most public restrooms, you will not find soap dispensers. Most people just dribble some tap water from the sink on their hands and leave. Though the toilets are hi-tech, if you do not wish to find yourself without soap after using a bathroom, it is advisable to carry a sanitizer with you. You will not find a trash can in public places. In 1995, a cult left explosives in public trash cans to attack a Tokyo subway. Therefore the country did away with all the trash cans in the public places as an anti-terrorism measure. The good idea is to carry a plastic bag with you and put the trash in it, finally to drop it out as the day closes.


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