India’s travel is accomplished when you taste the complete nectar of the diversity of the nation. The fact of the matter remains when you come to this country of exceptional beauty, you develop the natural curiosity to see one place after the other and this goes on increasing in you but at the same time it becomes difficult for you to cover thousands of destinations in this big country because of the shortage of time as well as the resources.

But the glimpse of some of the elegant natural spots of India makes your life long-cherished dream come true; it could be the mountain range of the Himalayas and the pristine valleys of Kulu and Kashmir, it could be the enchanting Darjeeling, Mahabaleshwar, Shimla, Kodaikanal, Munnar or Ooty. It also can be the magnificent monument of love and romance Taj Mahal or the wonderful lake, forts, and palaces of Rajasthan. Goa and God’s own country, Kerala greets you with world-class beaches and backwaters.

Best Experience To Visit The Great Temples At India

But despite all these wonderful destinations in India, you feel as of the trip of the nation is incomplete without paying homage to some of the ancient temples of this country which have a great historical significance. Some of them have been constructed before the Christian era. You should visit the Somnath temple located in Gujarat. Before going to the temple you should be aware of the history associated with this wonderful religious monument dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the principal gods of the Hindu trinity.

Best Experience To Visit The Great Temples At India

Somnath Temple has a legend associated with it and is one of the most revered temples of India. As per the legend, the temple was constructed by the moon lord. There are other mythologies associated with this temple and it is said that moon lord made it with gold. It is also further mentioned in the mythological texts that Ravana constructed this temple with silver and Lord Krishna, the king of Dwarka made his splendid monument dedicated to Lord Shiva with sandalwood. Somnath is a place of jyotirlinga and thus of immense respect for Hindus. Invader Mohammed Ghazni destroyed this temple in the 16th century and this was rebuilt seven times after that. The present temple is the rebuilt version. Indeed, Somnath is a monument that has withstood the thrusts and attacks of history.

You should take the crucial India Travel Tips before going for the temple tours in the country. Madurai is one of the wonderful temple destinations in the country and has a history of 2500 years old. This place is quite famous for the splendid Meenakshi Temple and it is a religious monument of the wonderful architecture of those times and is dedicated to goddess Parvati. You feel the grace, love, and peace as you enter the premises of the temple and there are morning and evening pujas and aartis held in the temple. The devotees enter the sanctum sanctorum and this is the place where the idol of Meenakshi is installed. You cannot deny the fact that India is a temple destination apart from the natural beauty.


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