Travel is one of the top things on everyone’s bucket list. It is interesting to know that worldwide, tourism contributes over $7 trillion dollars to the world’s economies. This is a phenomenal number. The most international tourist arrivals happen for Europe, too. That means that Europe collectively carves out the largest slice of the 1.2 billion tourist traveler sector. That is a lot of people coming into Europe each year for the purpose of seeing the world.

Out of that huge number, the UK accounts for about 3.5% of those tourism dollars being ranked 8th in the world as one of the largest tourist destinations. Tourism in the UK claims about 3 million jobs and is the third-largest employer with about 9.6% of the total employment in the country. It is no wonder, then, that the fantastic tourist destinations that are located in the UK get a lot of attention. And one of the most famous of the heritage world sites that are visited is Stonehenge.

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In 2014, there were 1.3 million visitors to this immense and thoroughly moving historical site. The numbers have grown significantly since the opening of the new visitor center there, and it is projected that they will continue to grow in future years. This important and ancient site located in Wiltshire, UK is one of the few prehistoric sites that are available for tourists to view at such close proximity. The visitor center houses around 250 objects of ancient lineage and keeps them on display year-round. The experience of visiting the stones is like no other you’ll ever have.

The power of this site with its huge stones that started to be put in place around 4500 years ago, is undeniable. And when people visit, it is hard not to feel the overwhelmingly ancient power rising up off of the whole site. When tourists want to see Stonehenge, they have several options including driving themselves there if they are really brave. The best way to go, however, is with a stellar tour group such as Premium Tours.

The London to Stonehenge tours from Premium Tours is probably some of the most popular and well-used tours for tourists to get from one of the world’s most exciting capital cities to one of the world’s most moving historical sites. Combining these two headliners for UK tourism is part of the success of Premium Tours, and they have built tours that provide the experiences you like the most to accommodate most everyone who is visiting the country.

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Would you prefer a private sunrise or sunset tour of the stones? How about a visit that includes festivities around the summer solstice? Would you like to visit nearby Bath as well? Premium Tours can provide any of those accommodations and much more for visitors who want to experience Stonehenge for themselves. The prices are very reasonable, as well, with no hidden charges. Go visit Premium Tours online and take a look at all the available London to Stonehenge tours available – you are sure to find the one that suits you best there.


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