Even if you have taken the shuttle ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris many times before, and you feel like you have seen all the city has to offer, you may be mistaken. Why not book a holiday dedicated to identifying and truly appreciating the frequently over-looked details?

For example, the outstanding array of stained glass windows found in the cathedrals could easily fill more than a few days of sightseeing alone.

The First One Is Sainte-Chappelle

With so many locations worth visiting to see stained glass artwork, you will find that time is certainly of the essence. The fastest way to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris would be one of the convenient and affordable shuttle services and your first destination should be the famous windows of Sainte-Chapelle. The driver could drop you off at Sainte-Chapelle after leaving your luggage at your hotel, thus maximizing your time in the cathedral.

The First One Is Sainte-Chappelle

Sainte-Chapelle has one of the most extensive collections of 13th-century stained glass anywhere in the world and it is truly awe-inspiring. The stained glass windows that adorn all sides and sections of the cathedral are virtually a complete illustrated guide to the Bible. Colorful depictions of scenes from the New Testament are found in the eastern apse and the windows along the sides of the main body of the cathedral cover The Old Testament. Even without any religious background knowledge, the genius behind the window’s artistry is unquestionable. It is easy to get totally wrapped up in the beauty and stories being told within the windows.

Next, We Have The Notre Dame

The next stop on your tour of Paris’ magnificent stained glass windows should be Notre Dame. The South Rose window cannot be missed, quite literally. The window itself reaches 12.9 meters in diameter and, at its full height, is nearly 19 meters high. The window is dedicated to the New Testament and beautifully displays colorful scenes full of symbolism. Afterward, move on to The Cloister stained glass windows. The Cloister is an 18-window visual representation of the Legend of Saint Genevieve, who is the patron saint of the city.

And The Third There Is Chartres

Hopefully, time will allow you to take a day trip to the medieval town of Chartres. Chartres is approximately 60 miles southwest of the French capital, so traveling from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris by shuttle and then onto Chartres by train is very worthwhile. The Cathedral’s stained glass window collection has over 5000 figures, all illustrating various biblical stories and the lives of saints. This is a unique opportunity to see the beautiful usage of the famous “Chartres Blue” color in all its glory.

And The Third There Is Chartres

To see all the city has to offer would truly take a lifetime; the best a traveler can do is take in the big picture then try to pay attention to the details that are begging to be noticed. Thankfully, with the frequency and ease of travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris, your time can be focused on enjoying the exploration and discovery of the finer details of the city’s beauty.


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